How to play a Kong Saxophone

KONG saxophones

Models K1 & K5

KONG saxophones have 6 simple fingering holes like a flute plus a thumb hole. It plays in the key of B diatonic in one octave +, a maximum of 13 tones.

Fingering Chart

Hold the saxophone with both hands with the left hand nearer the mouth piece (like a flute). Make sure holes are covered with no air leak. Keep the reed moist, rest your top teeth on the top side of the mouthpiece, the bottom teeth covered by the bottom lip, and blow.

Try your first song.

Always On My Mind

34543432, 1232121, 34543432, 1232121, 456554313, 2343212, 2233445, 2244321, 561, 432143212, 561, 23432143212, 321.