Day 15 – multitasking

Some people ‘can’ multitask. By doing two or more things at the same time like a one-man band. Most people cannot multitask unless you have two brains. In fact if you want a job well done, you should just concentrate on doing one thing at a time. However, many people do gossip while at work.

Challenge: sit down and shut up.

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Day 13 – who invented the lawn?

How often do you mow your lawn? 20 times a year? Should think about cutting down to 3 times a year now. Most people use a lawn mower which is bad in emitting fume far worse than a car, polluting the environment with loud noise, and get injury from it. It is worse when some people use pesticide, fertilizer and even water their lawns! There has to be some better productive uses of space other than spending money on a useless nice-looking lawn that is almost like concrete.

Challenge: dig up your lawn.

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Day 12 – dirt is good

Over sterilizing and keeping your children from getting dirty is not a good idea. Boot them out into your backyard, play in the mud, contact with germs is actually beneficial for the child’s health and it can stimulate their immune system. So it’s good news if you believe in the 5-second rule even if it doesn’t exist as germs get on the food dropped on the ground instantly.

Challenge: eat dirt.

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Day 11 – look good dyed

Have you ever dyed your hair? Do you feel insecure about your look? Some people are obsessed with dyeing, but there is nothing wrong with your natural hair colour. The fact is, hair dyes and bleaches are full of toxic and harmful chemicals including lead acetate, ammonia, and peroxide. So they can’t be good to you and the planet. In fact they are associated with some problems like brain diseases, cancers, weaker and brittle hair. Whatever you do, do not colour your hair. Your boss might not like your new green hair anyway.

Challenge: dye your eyebrows as well.

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Day 10 – how to save fuel?

We know that the most fuel efficient way of driving is to drive between 50 to 70 km per hour, which fits in nicely on most city roads’ speed limits. However it may not be practical and you will probably get a ticket for driving below the speed limit and thus blocking the traffic. May be just take the public transport if it is available (not possible for many), or plan your trip and drive less? How do you save fuel then?

Challenge: park your car a few inches away from your home.

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Day 9 – eat fresh fruit and in season

Nature puts everything in the right place including food that we should eat. In the old days people only ate whatever they found around them. Sounds funny to you? Everything evolves and is based on the environment where it is for many reasons. Let’s find out.

1. Food produced off season are less nutritious. It’s either produced with the help of technology, cold storage, waxed, preservatives and ripening stuff added and traveled thousands of miles to your market.

2. Fresh fruit produced locally tastes better, cheaper, and less contaminated.

3. Seasonal fruits are tailored to our bodies. Winter fruits are rich in vitamin c to prevent us from infection. Winter vegetables are best suited for cooking in hot soup. Fruits produced in summer are usually watery to keep the body hydrated.

4. Support your local farmers and economy when you eat local and seasonal fruits. It is more environmental friendly.

It is nature’s design that people eat locally and seasonally for good health. Eat what benefits you the most.

Challenge: plant 4 fruit trees, one for each season.

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Day 8 – On speed limit

How many times did you pay for your speeding fine in the last 5 years? At least two? The truth is, not only you will not (ahem) get a speeding ticket if you drive below speed limit, you are actually saving some fuel. According to statistics, you will save up to 20% of fuel if you drive between 50 and 70 km/h. So the win-win solution for you is to drive slowly and save the environment at the same time. However, the best part is that you are actually saving those poor cops from hiding in the bush (some vegetation can burn, blister or irritate skin) again! How about that?

Challenge: take the smugglers route.

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Day 7 – Lose that belly fat

Belly fat is very stubborn and hard to lose. But if you cut out sugar in your food you are heading in the right direction and sure you will look good again. Sugar is addictive and it promotes fat storage. The sugar in the food you eat is absorbed into the bloodstream, and your pancreas senses the spike in sugar and produces a lot of insulin to manage the sugar spike. The job of insulin is to move the sugar out of the bloodstream into cells so it doesn’t damage the blood vessels and organs. So the spike of insulin level in the body actually signals the body to store fat, and fat is generally stored around your belly. Think about this, sugar is actually present in almost everything we eat these days. Too hard?

Challenge: give up hope.

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Day 6 – Follow your grandparents

There’s no one else in the world other than your grandparents that set a good example on how to live a green, humble and down to earth life. For earth’s sack, they recycle, reuse everything, and never waste anything. They collect and save jars, plastic bags, newspapers, screws and nuts.

Challenge: start hoarding.

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