Home made, do it yourself

Learn how to home make stuff, the do it yourself (DIY) way, instead of hiring a professional to do it. Create stuff or products yourself instead of buying, and with no direct help from a professional.

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Veggie and tofu


Tofu, capsicum, green bean, bean sprout, olive oil, garlic, light sauce, pepper, salt.


Fry green bean, tofu and capsicum in olive oil with garlic. Add pepper and salt. Add bean sprout, and lastly add light sauce.

One octave only music

There are many songs that can be played with one octave scale musical instruments e.g. xylophone, glockenspiel, ocarina, toy piano, kalimba, mini saxophone etc. If you are a beginner or school kid learning to play simple tunes on an one octave only musical instrument or starting with one octave with a chromatic instrument, you will find some nice song tabs here.

Keep practising.

GIMP – image editing

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is an image editor that works on GNU/Linux, OSX and Windows. It is free software and alternative to Photoshop. It can be downloaded and installed from the GIMP website. This software is powerful and professional ideal for anyone.