Native and introduced birds

A Kong cartoon production – the New Zealand birds series: native, introduced and extinct birds.

Aotearoa New Zealand rose to the surface of the Pacific Ocean from the world’s hidden and mysterious eighth continent Zealandia about 50 million years ago. Zealandia is the smallest and newest continent discovered, with over 90% of it still under water today. There are many species of birds, fish, insects, lizards and frogs that are native and found only in Aotearoa New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud and one of the most remote places on earth. The only native mammals are bats and marine mammals.

With no predators, birds in New Zealand evolved into a mix of flightless birds and melodic forest birds. Sadly many wildlife species have become extinct when human and other predators arrived.

Enjoy this digital collection of New Zealand birds from Kong Cartoon, bird songs and information about birds.


Kokako Song


Kokako is a rare and large New Zealand native song bird. It sings beautifully like an organ’s notes. It belongs to the wattlebirds family. It eats mostly vegetation, foliage, flowers, fruits and insects.


Length 38 cm

Weight 230 g


Fantail Song


Fantail is friendly and one of the most common of New Zealand native birds. It is also known as piwakawaka. It eats flies, moths, spiders, beetles and fruits.


Length 16 cm

Weight 8g

Brown Kiwi

Brown Kiwi Song


The brown kiwi is the most common of kiwi species in New Zealand. It is a native and flightless bird. It eats mostly small invertebrates, worms, spiders, fruits, moths, and crickets.


Length 40 cm

Weight 2.5 kg


Pukeko Song


Pukeko is one of New Zealand’s most distinctive native birds. It is also known as swamp hen. It eats insects, spiders, frogs, worms, seeds, leaves and shoots.


Length 51 cm

Weight 1050 g


Weka Song


Weka is also known as wood hen, is a New Zealand native, flightless bird. It is a protected species in New Zealand. Weka mainly eats invertebrates and fruit.


Length 50 to 60 cm

Weight 420 to 1400 g