Learn spoken mandarin

Learn spoken Mandarin, the most widely spoken language in the World. There are currently over one billion Mandarin speakers of this ancient language.

The introductory spoken Mandarin language course is intended for learners who have no background in Mandarin. Learners will be taught appropriate introductory level spoken Mandarin.

The course will emphasize greatly on developing participants oral communication skills through listening and practicing at your own pace. Learners are expected to utilize all online materials in this course to ensure success in attaining the introductory level proficiency.


Excuse Me 对不起

Good Morning 早安

Good Bye 再见

Good Afternoon 午安

Good Night 晚安

How Are You?/Hello 你好

I/Me 我

No 不是

OK 好

Please 请

Thank You 谢谢

Understand 明白

Yes 是

You 你


Carry 带

Drink 喝

Eat 吃

Hear 听

Hit 打

Kick 踢

Play 玩

Polish 擦

Pull 拉

Push 推

Read 读

Run 跑

See 看

Smell 聞

Speak 说

Sweep 扫

Walk 走

Wash 洗

Write 写


Apple 蘋果

Banana 香蕉

Egg 蛋

Garlic 蒜

Ginger 姜

Gould 瓜

Grape 葡萄

Meat 肉

Noodle 面

Oil 油

Onion 葱

Orange 橙

Peach 桃

Pear 梨

Plum 梅

Rice 饭

Salt 盐

Sauce 酱

Sugar 糖

Vegetable 菜

Vinegar 醋


Bee 蜂

Bird 鸟

Cat 猫

Chicken 鸡

Cow 牛

Dog 狗

Duck 鸭

Eagle 鹰

Elephant 象


Fly 蝇

Goat 羊

Goose 鹅

Horse 马

Lion 狮

Monday 猴

Mosquito 蚊

Pig 猪

Prawn 虾

Rabbit 兔

Rat 鼠

Shark 鲨

Tiger 虎

Whale 鲸


January 一月

February 二月

March 三月

April 四月

May 五月

June 六月

July 七月

August 八月

September 九月

October 十月

November 十一月

December 十二月