# 9 – eat fresh fruit and in season

Nature puts everything in the right place including food that we should eat. In the old days people only ate whatever they found around them. Sounds funny to you? Everything evolves and is based on the environment where it is for many reasons. Let’s find out.

1. Food produced off season are less nutritious. It’s either produced with the help of technology, cold storage, waxed, preservatives and ripening stuff added and traveled thousands of miles to your market.

2. Fresh fruit produced locally tastes better, cheaper, and less contaminated.

3. Seasonal fruits are tailored to our bodies. Winter fruits are rich in vitamin c to prevent us from infection. Winter vegetables are best suited for cooking in hot soup. Fruits produced in summer are usually watery to keep the body hydrated.

4. Support your local farmers and economy when you eat local and seasonal fruits. It is more environmental friendly.

It is nature’s design that people eat locally and seasonally for good health. Eat what benefits you the most.

Challenge: plant 4 fruit trees, one for each season.