User Registration

To enroll in any online or classroom course you will need to be a registered user of this website. No registration is required if you are learning from our new short online wiki lessons of the Learn menu.

Click Register/Login on the menu as shown below.

On the next screen, click register as shown in the screen below.

Create and enter a new username, and your email to register.

Course Enrollment

Once registered, you can enroll in any course.

To enroll in any course, simply click the Enroll button of the course you intend to enroll. See figure below.

Website Login

  1. click the Register/Login on the menu.
  2. on the next screen appearing (shown below), enter your username (or email address) and password to log on the website.

Update Your Profile

Once logged on, you will be able to update your profile.

To Enroll In A Course

Select (as circled in red) to go to the Community Learning Centre’s home page. You can then enroll a course, retake a course or add a course to your wishlist.

Learn Without Enrollment

There are many short courses that you can take from our website without any user account or registration. Just select ‘Learn’ from the menu, or the select the ‘How to’ link.

Who Can Register?


Who Can Enroll?


Pre-Requisites (Course)


Online Courses

You will need to use either a computer, tablet or smart phone with a browser and Internet access

Registration Fee


Administration Fee


Course Enrollment Fee